Welcome to Earth Runs

Dedicated to promoting health in our communities and our environment. We plant trees and native plants to clean up our air, water, and carbon pollution as well as increase the beauty of our neighborhoods. 

The National Academy of Science has stated that proper land use management is currently the most cost-effective way to employ the direct carbon capture method. Earth Runs estimates that just in King County alone there is room for over 50,000 more tree's that would capture and clean millions of tons of carbon, air, and water. Reducing the negative impacts of climate change and providing more habitat and food for wildlife. 

Below are some highlights of the work we are doing.


After the cold temps resided, we got back to Magnuson Park in January for some plantings and blackberry removal. Spring has been busy as we hosted our annual Earth Day Run. Some highlights from the event include, giving out over 300 trees, planting 25 in the park, used recyclable and compostable bibs, mitigated over 7 tons of carbon, and donated over 100 pairs of shoes to the MORE foundation. In May we gave out another 300 trees to over 10 recipients for planting projects around the state.


Started the year off with some restoration work. We did blackberry removal to liberate native trees and plants. We removed 3 bags of trash from the area and got a couple dug firs and native ground cover planted as well. We had our Earth Day run and handed out and granted over 500 native plants and trees to participants and non-profits. We completed our Fall Planting Party at Magnuson Park. 


We did some street tree plantings in May, had our Earth Day run with over 600 participants and tree's given out. Our Fall planting party at Magnuson Park was a success. We installed over 30 native trees and shrubs along one of the walking trails. We also installed three 10ft + trees in the ground for Earth Day. Two Sugar Maples and a Red Glory Maple.


Jan 12th we planted some Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar at Licton Springs Park in Seattle. Earth Runs completed a pandemic planting. Just two staff members with masks on. Lots of native trees planted around traffic circles and parks. Got in about 40 different trees and bushes. We had our Earth Day run come back and gave out over 300 trees. Our Fall Planting Party came back as well at Magnuson Park.


Feb. 12th we installed a few 5 gallon Oregon Ash street trees along with some Birchleaf Spirea to go along side and complement the area. We also planted a few 2 gallon Grand Firs along the Interurban Trail in North Seattle. March-Aug we planted as well as granted trees for locations all around Western Washington. Some areas include Bothell reforestation, Gold Bar invasive blackberry removal and tree plantings, Leavenworth plantings and more. October 15th we planted 10 Douglas Fir trees as well as a few Western Hemlock at Magnuson Park. Keeping the grass tall in the summer will shade these little guys and help keep them from drying out in the summer. 


As the new year started Earth Runs installed a few trees and native plants along traffic circles and busy streets to help clean up the air and slow people down. We installed a City of Seattle street tree approved Ginkgo Biloba, Vine Maple, Snowberry, Western Red Cedar, native rose and a few others to add to the mix. We had more recipients of our tree grant program. Our Fall Planting Party had over 100 native plants and trees installed at Magnuson Park.


New year new plantings! We got a truckload of more native plants and trees going in around Seattle and of course Magnuson Park. We got big leaf maple, paper birch, indian plum, ninebark, red twig dogwood, snowberry, sword fern, hemlock, dug fir, cedar, and vine maples. In February, wind, rain and snow was around but we still got some trees in the ground. Completed a planting on NE 89th St as well as Roosevelt. In April Over 600 trees and native plants were given to participants, the Seattle parks department, Seattle Green Partnership as well as installed at Magnuson Park via the Earth Day Run. In May we granted around 300 Western and Mountain Hemlock as well as some Douglass Fir to tree planters from Tacoma all the way up to Bellingham. Projects included stream restoration, property reforestation and just general health and beauty in peoples yards. We also did some summer tree plantings and granted more trees to participants in Shoreline and Seattle.


Thanks to the Seattle Parks Department for growing out our Western Red Cedar Saplings for two seasons so they will have a high success rate since the roots have grown large and even out of the pots! (Good thing). Tom from Seattle Green Partnership was able to get over 50 of them in the ground the past week helping to make the forest at Magnuson Park more diverse and robust. We planted over 70 native plants and tree's at Magnuson Park, potted and gifted over 600 Douglas Fir and Western Hemlock to participants and the Seattle Parks Department. We also collected over 100 pairs of used running shoes and donated them to Africa. Not to mention a whole lot of calories burned in the 5k, 10k and half marathon. Way to go! In April we donated 100 tree's to the Cub Scouts to plant out in Bellevue. Nice works guys. Planting tree's in traffic circles is one of the best ways to increase the city's green canopy. We did a few plantings on Evanston Ave N and Linden Ave N. In July we granted over 100 native saplings to projects all over the state. This years variety was Western Hemlock, Mountain Hemlock and Noble Fir. Planting areas included the Burke Gilman Trail, South Seattle at the living building challenge, a ravine restoration in Harbour Pointe in Mukilteo, restoration in Bellingham, WA from Garden Cycles, and property re-forestation's in Snohomish and Enumclaw. Thank you to all that participated! In October Earth Run got 100 native trees and plants installed at Magnuson Park along Sports Filed Drive. Turning this area into forest has many benefits such helping air, water and carbon pollution but also it lowers the cost of maintenance for the parks department as they will not have to mow that part of the lawn anymore. This saves thousands of dollars in maintenance in the long run. 


Earth Runs installed over 100 native plants and tree's along sports field drive to fill over a quarter acre. Later in the year Earth Runs installed a Cornus Dogwood and a Cedar Tree's to extend our Sports Field Drive plantings. From April to May Earth Runs donated another 500 native tree's to local planting projects in the area. Participants had to make sure the site was suitable and they had to commit to watering the trees throughout summer. The projects ranged from residential plantings to boy scout plantings as well as the Kitsap County Juvenile Department and our youth do restoration projects on the Kitsap Peninsula. We also completed a few traffic circle plantings in North Seattle.


We planted nearly 100 native plants and tree's at Magnuson Park in efforts to connect two forests back together! Over 15 volunteers showed up planting the following species: Dug Fir, Western Hemlock, Cascara, Black Hawthorn, Sword Fern, Salal, Oregon Grape, Western Hazel, Evergreen Huckleberry, Ocean Spray, Nootka Rose, Snowberry, Serviceberry, Thimbleberry, and Indian Plum. We also did an addition to Sports Field Drive. We also did some traffic circle plantings, some residential tree grants and our Earth Day run. Additionally we partner with the More Foundation and provide them with used shoes running shoes and they are able to plant trees in Africa with the proceeds.


Over 40 native plants and trees were planted along the roadway of Sports Field Drive at Magnuson Park Seattle. Benefits include over 1,000 lbs of carbon storage annual with that rate growing each year. Over 2,000 gallons of storm water runoff will be stored and filtered in the root system. Three Fuji Blossoming Cherry Trees were planted by Earth Runs on 37th Ave in Lake Forest Park. Benefits include food for bee's and wildlife, carbon reduction, noise reduction, increased traffic safety as well as aesthetically pleasing. At our Earth Day run over 350 trees were given out as well as an additional 300 planted in honor of each finisher. Benefits include mass carbon reduction as well as getting the public involved with learning and taking action on the environment. We donated 40 Sitka Spruce tree's to Seattle Green Partnership and they have now got them in the ground at Magnuson.